• Source code to flowchart with one click

    All it takes is a click of a button to transform assembly code into a flowchart

  • Load a block of assembly code utilizing CLIPBOARD

    Just copy assembly code from any program and load it to Assembly Flowchart Creatorâ„¢  using the LOAD CLIPBOARD button to create a flowchart

  • Interactive flowchart

    Can leap between command source and its destination; can leap from specific point in the flowchart to its code location in the CODE EDITOR or LOADED TABLE; ability to SEARCH within the flowchart

  • Interactive CODE EDITOR

    Can search, modify, and save loaded code ; can leap from specific point in the CODE EDITOR to its code location in the FLOWCHART or LOADED TABLE

  • Understand code in less time

    The interactive nature of the program allows for a faster code review and verification of its code logic

  • Verify correctness of code and logic

    Ability to visually identify inadequate or inaccurate code logic in the flowchart

  • Customizable command architecture

    Modify existing command architectures or add new architectures.

  • Search functionality

    Can search for code within the flowchart, the LOADEDTABLE, or CODE EDITOR

  • Color-assigned commands and instructions

    User can modify and reassign colors for the commands used in the flowchart

  • Custom printing capability; Export flowchart as .bmp

    Print or save the flowchart as Bitmap images 

  • Decimal/binary/hexadecimal converter

    Built-in utility to convert numbers to Hex, Dec, Bin

  • Skins

    Changeable to suit the user’s mood

  • VISTA compatible